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Language, device or location
agnostic biometrics

Channel-independent, bias-free and certified voice biometrics

Affordable And Inclusive Identity Authentication Made Accessible ISO Certified Solution Build A Robust Zero-Trust Ecosystem

Channel-independent, bias-free and certified voice biometrics

Affordable and inclusive identity authentication made accessible
ISO certified solution
Build a robust zero-trust ecosystem

Need for voice biometrics


of customer service organizations have seen an increase in agent fraud


Billion complete sets of usernames and passwords in cybercriminal marketplaces this year


of dissatisfied users showed discomfort with digital UX/UI and a lack of information

How can voice biometrics help?

Increase Security​


Protect sensitive information by fully authenticating users through intelligent voiceprint identification technology.​

Increase UX​

increase ux

Improves customer experience through frictionless voice authentication along with reduced touch time and transaction time.

Decrease costs​


Reduces the high implementation and storage costs; reduces ongoing burden of relying on help desk support to assist in low level, repetitive task.

Voice-based authentication
with any language, device, or location

The Kaizen Voiz authentication engine

Kaizen Voiz biometric engine simplifies business processes and enhances customer experiences by building solutions that leverage AI to process human voice for authentication, text generation, and analytics. The biometric engine uses several unique characteristics of the vocal tract to create and subsequently match against a voiceprint, to overcome attempts of fraud like synthesized deep fakes, mimicry, recorded voice replays.


Voice for an accessible, equitable,
and sustainable future

The Kaizen Voiz advantage

Give your organization the dual benefit of power and ease with our authentication solution that is patented, accurate and reliable.

Channel independence

Works across legacy telephony, VOIP, and functions with near-field and far-field microphones. This solution can support one voice registration across multiple modes of end user interaction.

Channel independence

ISO Certified

ISO standard certification ISO IEC 19795-1 /2/3 and ISO IEC 19794-13 validate the level of accuracy of the zero-trust biometric engine.

Blass free modal

Bias-free model

Our engine is agnostic to language, dialect, accent, and even spoken text itself. This allows for greater accessibility as well as the ability to operate in the background.

How it works


Speaker Registration

A voiceprint is captured after a few seconds of speech at registration

Authentication Method

Mobile app or web

Call center

ATM Access 

Account Access

Frictionless account access services, including financial transactions. One registration supports multiple access modes.

Authentication made simple,
seamless and secure
with voice



Cross-channel performance​

Match can be done mixing microphones, landlines, mobile phones, VoIP, etc.​


Continuous authentication

Voice verification occurs continuously in the background while the user is speaking naturally.​


Flexible deployment

Available on-premise or on-cloud. Configurable to work with legacy technology.​

Fraud reduction


Uses several unique vocal characteristics to detect and prevent attempts of fraud.


Agile and

Our biometric engines have the ability or turn around quick fixes and feature enhancements in the future.



Built to detect attempts of fraudulent access through mimicry, replay attack, and computer-generated voice detection (TTS).

Find out how voice based verification can enhance customer experience

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