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Passionate innovators
building the future of IAM

Passionate innovators building the future of IAM

Simple, seamless, secure digital access
made accessible

We are innovators

Kaizen Voiz is a leading-edge innovator in voice biometric authentication technology.

The company has a patented and certified authentication engine integrated with voice analysis. It allows for authentication based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and vocal tract characteristics to prevent fraudulent activities.

Kaizen Voiz is an enabler, a partner-of-choice and the emerging new-age player that will play a critical role in simplifying lives and empowering end-users with secure and seamless transactions using voice biometrics.



Origin story and timeline



  • Research Partnership initiated with IITB. 
  • First device-based product rollout. 

Our first release


  • Authentication engine built for cloud-native operations

Kaizen Voiz receives its first patent


  • For raw speech speaker recognition

Unified voice product


  • Unified voice product built 
  • ARV based model of voice biometric built 

Kaizen Voiz receives its second patent


  • For speaker recognition using domain-independent embedding 
  • ISO / IEC Certified – ISO 19795 – 1/2/3/ & 19794-13 quality adherence certificate received

The Kaizen Voiz
mission and vision

Kaizen Voiz was set up with the foundational idea of making digital identity authentication simple, seamless, and secure. Our vision is to make voice the identity of users around the globe and empower them with access to digital domains irrespective of language, device, or literacy.

Be a part of bringing this vision to life


Voice for an accessible, equitable, and
sustainable future

Work culture and core values

The Kaizen Voiz family comprises of deeply dedicated individuals who are pioneers in the field of voice biometrics. Pushing the envelope to redefine the possibilities of voice-based verification our solutions architects, system engineers, computer scientists, instructors, operations specialists, and support staff are the driving force behind the success of our verification engine.

Our core values is in our DNA.


Cognizant inclusion

Consciously building a system agnostic to language, dialect, literacy, and device


Commitment to excellence

Constantly investing in R&D to build systems that deliver on the promise of success

Empowering communities

Creating solutions that consider and cater to the unique needs of groups like retirees, women, lingual minorities etc.

Voice biometrics is just smart business
and it is time you leverage it

Our Leaders

Ashok Krish

President and CEO

Ashok Krish, President and CEO, based in Edison, NJ, USA has over 30+ years of experience in the IT industry. He heads the multi-faceted Kaizen Technologies group 

Vivek Kumar S

Vivek Kumar S

Director Global Operations & Product Development

As an electronics and communication engineer and recognized technical expert, Vivek Kumar delivers cutting insights and inspires a passion for innovation at Kaizen Secure Voiz..

Vijay Patil

Vijay Patil

With over 28 years of professional experience, Vijay oversees business development in the North American markets. Vijay leads Kaizen Secure Voiz’s go to market strategy, .