Time and Attendance

Companies employ hundreds of workforce, with over fifty percent of them (mobile) working on the field like large malls, estate protection and as govt military carriers and sales,. These employees are spread across various institutions and centers all over the country.

They report to their work in different decentralized locations that are sometimes highly secure and restricted too. So tracking their time and attendance can turn out to be a cumbersome effort with these mobile staff working on different time zones, locations and shifts..

Traditional ways of faxing, mailing timesheets are slow and ineffective leading to delays in payouts, inaccuracy in reporting, etc. With no immediate access to internet facilities or even mobile phones (for security purposes), mobile workers also face challenges in submitting web-based timecards.

Time and Attendance
Time and Attendance

To effectively manage and track these widely dispersed personnel, the company relies on KSV’s IVR-based VOICE BIOMETRIC time and attendance system. This AI-based tool has been an effective breakthrough for our client, cutting labor costs, improving data accuracy, and accelerating the payroll processes.

It is also a highly valued system for our mobile workers for its outstanding level of convenience that enables them to report their work hours from anywhere, anytime! To record and submit working hours, the client’s mobile staff must simply dial a toll-free number to access our IVR system.

When prompted by voice cues, the caller speaks out their passphrase (language and text-independent) within 10 seconds. This IVR is preprogrammed to automatically understand their deployment locations/ time zones and update them into the client’s backend systems against the respective employees’ records. Since voice biometrics are robust, it detects unique call characteristics and is highly precise, this solution is not just simple but very effective, timely and an absolute cost saver!

Voice enrollment in banks using voice biometrics