Proof of Life

An effortless authentication solution for pensioners and life Insurance beneficiaries

An effortless authentication solution for pensioners and life insurance beneficiaries

Pensions are important for retirement security. With increased life expectancy, governments place weight on a robust pension administration system that can assist their elderly population post-retirement. There are several challenges faced by the government for these pension plans. Significant amongst them is pensioner existence fraud (eg: payments made to deceased pensioners due to falsified details provided by their close relatives).

With rising covid cases and the life-threatening risk it poses for senior citizens to verify proof of life in banks/pension offices, there is an urgent need for a “touch-free”, safe and secure biometric solutions to be put in place for them.

Kaizen Secure Voiz – Voice Biometrics” enables pensioners to prove they are alive by a combination of unique national ids and a robust voice authentication tool that can be used from “anywhere and anytime”.

Before each pension payroll processing, the retired pensioner can just dial a designated toll-free number to authenticate his or her voice. Once authenticated as being alive, he or she becomes eligible for a pension payout for the subsequent month.

We would provide an umbrella of safety and secured authentication in real-time using inexpensive methods of implementation that helps prevent deposits made to fraudulent account thus saving the exchequer from incorrect payments. The return of investment is the savings made in avoiding above said payments.

Proof of Life

Voice enrollment / authentication for proof of life.