Fraud Prevention in Multi-channel environment

A comprehensive security solution for detecting and preventing fraud.

KSV‘s biometrics help validate the credentials of customers over many channels, preventing fraud and improving customer experience. Its uses extend right from loan origination, approvals, and disbursements, to authenticating users in ATM transactions and treasury payments.

Fraudster Detection in Contact Centres – We can build a voiceprint ( a record of a customer’s voice during the enrollment process) using a passive source of recording and alert the ‘fraudster’s call’ to the agent online or stop the transaction right after the call.

Biometric log-in to network – Instead of a fixed password, which can be shared, or security questions that can be accessed through social engineering, the voiceprint-based security protects the data from hazards of Phishing, Vishing, Trojan, and more.

Remote verification of callers (instead of PIN) – voice biometric tool that does not require any special device or tool to verify/authenticate a caller without PINs.

Replace risky OTP – Owing to increasing SIM swap-based frauds, or delayed/undelivered OTP SMS during high volume periods, these risky OTP transactions can be easily replaced with our safe voice biometric authentication.

Fraud prevention in Contact Center using voice biometric