Customer Life-Cycle Management Solution

Augmenting customer experiences with swift, seamless voice authentication.

Kaizen Secure Voiz (KSV) provides a multi-channel, customer interaction management platform. This is enhanced with our own patented voice authentication, an automatic speech recognition system, which helps validate the customers quickly and precisely.

The current issues are long waiting queues and time spent by customers (about 70 to 80 secs) to validate themselves through traditional authentication methods [Q&A]. KSV‘s voice biometric solutions can help verify individuals within a span of just 10-12 secs! Customers will be delighted to use their own voice as a password!

Our solution also provides flexibility to toggle across different streams, moving customers across various channels (IVRS/mobile apps) within the same session without wasting much time for validations resulting in an enhanced customer experience (CX).

Our intelligent voice bot can service requests without bringing in human agents. Customer verbatim feedback can be captured in a voice logger and transcribed to precise text.