TIH Hackathon Wipro Sept. 28 2020

3 min 40 sec video to show remote voice authentication, for proof of life for pensioners’, retired citizens of Australia. TELSTRA HACKATHON 2020 entry by WIPRO and KSV.

Voice Biometrics Product Video Benefits

Simple 62-sec video with light instrumental music on KSV voice biometrics product. voice authentication for various industry use cases.

Customer Facing Presentation on Voice Bio Metrics by KSV, NJ, USA - American English

6 minute presentation in American English, American accent voice over and detailed slides. Voice authentication software presentation specially made for VOICE GLOBAL Event USA 2020.

KSV Voice Biometrics - Regional Language Banking Demo in Gujarati

Kaizn Voice authentication and Voxxup/google dialogflow speech to text working in tandem to showcase banking transactions on mobile app.

Detailed Presentation on Voice Authentication for Govt, Industry and Customer References

KSV Voice Biometrics software for speaker recognition, customer identification on phone call.

KSV Voice Biometrics Solution

90-sec animation about benefits, use cases of voice bio metrics and voice authentication for SME, corporate, bankers, healthcare.

Voice Authentication in Bank Contact Centre Scenario

Depicts a use case scenario for KSV’s voice authentication product in a bank call Centre.