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Can Someone use Pre-recorded Voice and Mimicry to Beat the System?

No, they can’t. The human voice has 12 unique parameters like pitch, tone, breathlessness, concatenation, etc. Mimicry may match 2-3 parameters of another person’s voice. Hence it is rejected during authentication. Prerecorded voice will have different waveforms and is easily identified as a false attempt, leading to rejection.

How Much Time is Needed for Enrollment and Each Authentication?

First Time Enrollment: This is a one-timed exercise for any user/customer and will not take more than 30 seconds of speaking into the phone. They can speak in any language/any text. This enrollment creates a customer voiceprint. Successive Authentication:  Every time an enrolled customer calls into the specified IVRS/ contact center number, the biometrics engine…

ROI on Voice Authentication in different use cases

Savings on call center costs, bandwidth, manpower costs, and cost of a data breach. GDPR guidelines or banking regulatory authority guidelines can be better met through multi-factor authentication. Telecom:  Retain high ARPU customers, save on contact center costs, ensure low ARPU clients use only IVRS option, and not cut into call center time / AHT,…