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Integration with Other Applications and APIs

Done in a jiffy. KSV has published APIs for common web services and data call out from other apps. Partners/ customer IT teams can do it themselves or our delivery team can do it for you. Easily available.

What if a Customer Wants a Full Suite of Biometrics for Deployment?

You mean the customer wants other biometrics? No worries, we can do that. Fingerprinting, facial recognition is two more options that can be provided directly by KSV. We can configure other 3rd party solutions if needed to complement Voice Authentication and provide a comprehensive solution to end customers.

What is Geo-tagging and How is it Used? Can the App Tamper?

Geo-tagging is an app that is installed on the user’s mobile phone. This picks up the latitude-longitude with the time-stamp, while the voice authentication is done. Instead of a fixed line, this app can serve as the proof of fixed latitude-longitude coordinates, via a mobile phone-based voice authentication.

Commercial Pricing of License and Services

– Number of customers/user based blocks, shall be the base for a product license fee. – One-time setup cost and implementation costs. – AMC for product license at 15%

Do we have a POC/testbed for demos?

Yes, we are seeking a Microsoft technology center in Bangalore as one such POC testbed. Customers can walk-in for an immersion experience of the product and surround technologies like database, datacenter automation, IVRS, networking, etc.

Cloud-Based Instance for Customers

Yes, this will be made available through Azure, AWS, and other service providers. Hosted/dedicated instance, cloud or SaaS options available. Customers can pay USD/INR per user per month for a complete product suite.