Our team has many years of experience inspeech science, telecommunications, large-scale and high performance software --- all fundamental capabilities necessary for robust, large-scale voice biometric implementations.

Yes, our team has a weird passion for voice biometrics, arising from our signal processing education and the general coolness of how voice biometric techniques can help to solve security problems.

Voice Biometric Engine

At the heart of the KSV Platform is our second generation voice biometric engine, the result of over 10 years of research and practical, field-based experience. The engine provides a comprehensive set of features: voice enrollment, voice verification, 1:N identification, and classification (gender). With multiple feature sets, muliple algorithms, and our dedicated team of voice biometric engineers, we can configure the engine to adapt to almost any language and usage scenario.

 A Single Platform For Multiple Use Cases

Different use cases of voice biometrics, such as random sentances, free speach and Static Passphrase, do not all perform equally well with the same algorithms. KSV's voice biometric technology optimizes and combines algorithms for each use case and then wraps the engine technology within a service oriented architecture, giving you a single platform regardless of the type of use case you need to deploy

Massively Scalable Database

Whether you have 500 users or 5,000,000 users, KSV’s Platform uses industry standard database for massively scalable operations. All customer data, in all available configurations, is constantly updated and replicated to a multiple secure servers. You don't need to worry about data corruption or loss.

Standards-based APIs

The KSV Platform supports two APIs: RESTful and XML. Modern developers want RESTful APIs, and that's exactly what we deliver. Using our documentation and online tools to test our http commands, it's not unusual for a developer to have a meaningful prototype running in a few hours. For those clients using IVR systems, our XML API is an easy way to integrate to enterprise class IVR systems from Cisco, Genesys, Aspect and Avaya.

Deployable Cloud Or Private Cloud On-Premises

We designed our software from day one to be multi-tenant cloud software that is also easy to deploy inside a customer's data center. Many companies need the convenience and simplicity of relying on a secure Cloud solution. Other companies and government entities cannot allow security components like voice biometrics to reside outside their firewalls. Our technology is deployed today in both scenarios.

Linux Or Windows

We know that customer IT environments have preferences to standardize on operating systems. We offer both Linux and Windows when installing our software in your facility. Linux offers cost and performance advantages, but Windows infrastructure may be your preferred approach. In either case, our installation is quick and straightforward, typically a couple of days. The Professional Services fees to install are far less than typical enterprise class software.