We Have a Strong Team

Our team has many years of experience inspeech science, telecommunications, large-scale and high performance software --- all fundamental capabilities necessary for robust, large-scale voice biometric implementations.

We Love Voice Biometrics

Yes, our team has a weird passion for voice biometrics, arising from our signal processing education and the general coolness of how voice biometric techniques can help to solve security problems.

We Will Support You

Customer success is paramount. We take a highly consultative approach with every customer, and we only allow experienced, senior-level staff to engage with clients for support issues or consulting projects.


We know you have choices from whom to buy. We founded Kaizen Secure Voiz to be the kind of company we can be proud of and the type of company we would want to buy from ourselves.

Employee Owned

We are employee-owned, profitable, and growing. We are not subject to the whims of venture funding or remote executive management who do not participate in the day-to-day running of the business.

We Are Passionate

We are passionate about technology and making sure our technology delivers real value because it works. Our people have advanced degrees in Speech Science, Engineering and Signal Processing, and Computer Science. We are constantly improving our offerings.

Smooth Deployments

To-date we have deployed solutions in several countries, using different languages. Our implementation process is proven yet adaptable. It's a matter of pride that we are not the cause for delay.

Hands-On Executives

Our executives stay extremely close to our customers and partners in order to have the best information possible to quickly make decisions that lead to customer success.

Advanced Cloud

We have a highly advanced voice biometric engine and service delivery platform. As demonstrated by our flexible delivery model, scalable architecture, and breadth of voice biometric capabilities, you won’t find a more committed technology provider for voice biometrics.

We're Here for You

We are relentless in our effort to assist customers. We know that great customer support happens when the people who have the skills to solve problems are on the frontline.